sneezeOkay. My husband’s family is great. Really. I lucked out getting decent people as in-laws. That doesn’t mean I want to go over there without my darling damn husband (DH) for dinner. Here’s the thing. A couple of days ago, my DH told me we were going to his parents’ house for dinner. Apparently his sister would be in town today. Fine. No big deal, right? Wrong.

Yesterday he tells me he’s playing the drums tonight, so he won’t be going to his parents’ house. Today, he calls me on his way home from work that even though he’s not going, his parents are still expecting me at their house this evening. What? Why didn’t he get me out of the invitation while he was uninviting himself? They invited him over so he could visit with his sister. I was just the tagalong. By this time, I feel obligated to go. It’s almost 5 pm, and she’s likely already started cooking. Fine, when is she expecting me? 6:30, he says.

I dink around for about an hour then get ready. I have my daughter give a courtesy call and head over. <ANGRY FACE> I get there, and they’ve already eaten. Apparently, they were just finishing eating when my daughter called. They DIDN’T expect us to come over because my DH talked to his mom this morning about him not being able to make it. So now, I’ve turned into the uninvited guest. <GRRR> Not only that, but I don’t even feel comfortable leaving now that I’m there with my hungry children. <Double GRRRR>

Two minutes into the visit, my allergies hit me hard…HARD! They have three cats, and one of them travels in and outdoors. My brain is leaking out of my nose, and my eyes burn like I’ve used alcohol for an eye rinse. By the time we left, the wheezing had set in. Home at last, I’m just starting to recover.

Anyway, MIL makes a fresh batch for mashed potatoes for us to go along with the main course. Sweet lady, I hate we put her out like that. I want to put my DH out in the doghouse right now. My little family ate, while MIL sat and chatted with me until we finished. That made the situation feel a little less awkward. The visit really wasn’t that bad just annoying as hell that it happened. [rant off]

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