May 192010

Though I’m just getting around to writing the review for WhiteSmoke, it was actually one of the first pieces of software I tried. The software is a downloadable program. However, it does require an internet connection.The description from their website:

The General Version of WhiteSmoke Writer 2010+ features the full grammar and spelling correction engines, and text enhancement for general writing purposes. For writers of all skill levels, the General Version is the first stop on the way to clear and correct texts.

I spent quite a bit of time with this program. WhiteSmoke worked much like the spell/grammar check available in MS Word but included additional features to catch oddities such as misused words and better word choices. Not a bad program to substitute in place of MS Word.

HOWEVER, my experience with WhiteSmoke gave me the impression it was designed for non-fiction writing rather than creative writing. The suggestions were very formal and not always accurate (like MS Word). If I needed help for a term, business, or technical paper, I might settle for WhiteSmoke. It might not even be bad for blogging. 🙂

Since my focus is creative writing, WhiteSmoke is a bit less useful. Doesn’t mean WhiteSmoke is a bad program. It just seems better suited for the non-fiction niche. Anyway, don’t just take my word on it. Try it for yourself. WhiteSmoke offers a 7 day trial.

For those who need something for creative writing, you might try AutoCrit. And of course, you’re welcome to my perspective, if you’re looking for Autocrit reviews.

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  1. Really great and useful thing. I often use dictionaries, spell checkers and thesauruses. And most of all I like online versions of them, because they avaliable anywhere, where I can get Internet access, like synonyms dictionary.
    And it’s possible because I always traveling and working on my small notebook, so these apps are great in different cases too.

  2. I’d never considered the online versions a real benefit before you mentioned the availability. It’s certainly nice being able to take your favorite programs with you.

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