Jul 282011

S.tuff W.e A.ll G.et


I think that sums it up, right? So I’m thinking of ideas. As some of you know, the I Loved You First blog tour is fast approaching. August 15 – September 15, if you haven’t heard.

Tell me some of the SWAG you’ve received in the past. What are your favorites. If you have pictures, leave a link! I want to see. Was there S.W.A.G you wanted but didn’t win? Let us in on it.

Some ideas I have on my mind right now are key chains, bookmarks, and postcards.

Don’t keep me waiting. I’ve had too much caffeine to stay focused very long.

Make this blog tour the bestest. Get your ideas to me. You just might see your favorite piece of S.W.A.G. in a giveaway!

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