Aug 192011

So I thought a Vlog would be fun this time around. Today we’re going to address proofs, and the importance of ordering them by comparing the proof copy of I Loved You First versus the copy actually on the market.

A Recap:

Always check for typos. Whether it’s the inner works or the  cover, be sure to proofread.

  • Assess the cover.
    • Is everything in the proper place?
    • Are there any glitchy items?
    • Is the wording correct?
    • Is it aesthetically pleasing?
  • Front matter
    • Are the pages in the proper place?
    • Title page in the front?
    • Do you have enough blank pages?
  • Proofing (after all, it is called the proof copy)
    • Are the pages numbers in the proper place?
    • Did you suppress the pages number on the chapter pages?
    • Read through for typos, grammatical errors, etc.
    • Cost assessment: Is it cheaper to order a proof copy for editing rather than print out the manuscript?
    • Do you have any funky pages with widows, orphans, or other oddities?

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